Art of Daniela Todorova

Paper artPaintings

About me

I believe that everything that man experiences, feeling free, is imprinted in his soul and it is a small particle of the overall balance. I believe in the light which the future carries, but it cannot reveal itself without the love invested in the past. We are all very much alike in our love for harmony and beauty, whose instrument is art.

Magic Forest
The Trees of Dreams
The World of Sunny Angels - Detail
Ritual of Fertility - 0.57m x 0.44m
The Great Goddess – Thracian civilization - details
Sun Dimetions I – 0.50m x 0.50m
Sakura – 1.00m x 0.90m
Univerces - 1.00m x 1.00m
16. Mafic Reliefs - Symbols from Kolhida – Detail
Sunrise – 2.80m x 1.50m x 0.15m